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Company News >> LCD liquid crystal liquid leakage repair method 8th,Nov,2018
                                           The LCD screen uses two polarized materials, and between them is a liquid crystal solution. In use, many users will encounter liquid crystal leakage problems. Most users have no idea about this and don't know what to do. Today, Xiaobian will give you a generalization of the repair problem of liquid crystal leakage. By the way, teach you how to maintain the LCD screen.


There are several reasons for the LCD liquid crystal leakage:


Damage to the seal: It will mainly appear at the four edge positions of the screen. If the acid-alkaline liquid such as beverage, juice, soda or tea is inadvertently soaked from the outside into the edge of the screen, the sealant will be damaged and the liquid crystal inside. Leakage. Such a failure can also occur if the sealant has a problem during the production process.


The surface of the screen is damaged by external force: it is generally concentrated in the middle position of the screen, and can clearly see the traces of the glass crack. At this time, by hand pressing the leaking part, it can be seen that the trajectory of the liquid crystal force movement moves along the crack direction.

LCD liquid crystal leakage repair

Physical phenomenon: There are very obvious blocky black spots on the surface of the notebook or LCD monitor (in the case of power-on), or plaques with uneven brightness (without power) and cracks at the same time. Individual LCD screens are not too large due to external forces. Although the LCD screen leaks, there is no crack on the surface. This fault phenomenon is not easy to find, especially in the case where the LCD monitor is not lit. After the LCD monitor ruptures and leaks, the image can still be displayed. At the same time, the LCD screen will not generate new faults after the liquid leakage, so we don't have to worry.


Causes and repairs: The liquid crystal display is squeezed or impacted by external force, causing the liquid crystal screen to rupture and leaking. Solution and maintenance costs: This type of failure is a very specific human physical damage, because the display is accidentally squeezed by the child or the child is pressed with a finger, or it may be caused by an impact during transportation. The repair cost of the LCD screen is high. If the LCD screen is damaged, it is not necessary to repair it, because the cost of replacing the LCD screen is close to the cost of a liquid crystal display of the same type.

LCD liquid crystal leakage repair

Physical phenomenon: The physical phenomenon of the fault is not obvious. If water or other liquid enters the display from the heat dissipation hole above the display, the internal circuit of the display may be damaged and the display may not work properly. Solution and maintenance costs: If the repair station judges that it is man-made damage, the cost of replacing the PCB main board is about 300-500 yuan; if it is damaged by the high voltage package, it costs about 150 yuan. Most of the time, as long as the inside of the display is flooded, it will leave a very visible mark.


Causes and repairs: This kind of fault is generally unable to see whether the display is in the water, so when we get the water into the water due to mistakes, we can immediately shut down the power and hold the monitor to a well-ventilated place. The water inside the machine evaporates. If you wait for a few days and then power up the test machine again, the display is normal, then we can use it with confidence. If the monitor is not lit, then we generally do not open the monitor for self-maintenance. If it is a monitor inside the warranty, we should send it to the dealer. We must insist that the monitor is broken. Do not mention whether the monitor is in the water. .

LCD LCD screen leakage repair causes and routine maintenance

Daily maintenance:

1. If the LCD monitor is not used for a long time, please turn off the power or set the host to the power saving mode.

2, try to reduce the use of highlighting all-white screen for a long time, these two points can slow down the aging of the lamp and extend the life of the display.

3. Keep the storage and use environment clean and clean the screen surface properly.

4. Keep away from high temperature and high humidity environment.

5. It is strictly forbidden to pour liquid on the screen and machine.

6. It is strictly forbidden to squeeze the surface of the collision screen.

7. Avoid unnecessary vibrations.

8. Do not disassemble it yourself.

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