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Company News >> Each panel manufacturer provides OLED screens for Apple 12th,Dec,2018
                                                 On March 21, it is well known that Apple will use OLED screens on new iPhones in the future, and the news that the first iPhone with OLED screen will be launched next year. Samsung Display has become Apple's main partner, and now other companies are making a difference in order to become a second supplier.

According to foreign media reports, from the current situation, LG Display (LG Display) is most likely to become a second supplier, but there are reports that LG displays have encountered difficulties in the supply and demand of major equipment. Since Hon Hai and Japan Display Company (JDI) also want to enter the OLED market, they have formed a situation of top three hegemony.

Each panel manufacturer provides OLED screens for Apple

Samsung Display has signed a formal agreement with Apple, and Samsung will provide a large-scale display to Apple from this year. The market estimates that Samsung's flexible OLED panels will have a monthly capacity of 60,000 units this month, and these panels will be available to Apple. Samsung Display also provides panels to Samsung Electronics and China's smart hand companies. If these supplies are added, the total capacity will be even greater.

The industry expects that LG Display's monthly production capacity of OLED panels will reach 7,000. Although the Japanese display company has the highest chance of becoming a third supplier, Foxconn's potential can not be ignored, because it is likely to acquire Sharp. Japan Display Corporation has invested 3 billion yen (about 26.9 million US dollars) to expand the OLED production line in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. The company's goal is to mass produce small OLED panels from 2018. Although Sharp does not have the experience of mass production of small OLED panels, it has been developed in this field for a long time.

It is estimated that the next generation of iPhone will be equipped with a flexible OLED display. In the initial order, Samsung will receive a 50% share, and may even reach 70-80%. How the future competition situation will evolve depends on how fast other companies can increase yield and increase production capacity.

Apple hopes to play the excellent features of the OLED screen on the new iPhone, especially the perfect blending with the curved screen mobile phone design. And LG and Foxconn and other manufacturers are obviously more eager to get this order, it seems that this competition will be more intense. As for the future of the order, we will wait and see.

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