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Company News >> Hehui Optoelectronic Sun Tao: The 6th generation AMOLED display project will be trial-produced in early 2019 27th,Dec,2018
                                          “Hehui Optoelectronics AMOLED6 generation line has been lighted and will be trial production in early 2019.”

“It is estimated that the monthly production capacity will be about 8 million small and medium size displays.”

On December 20th, Sun Tao, Director of Hefei Optoelectronics Shenzhen Office, gave a speech on the theme of “The Opportunity and Mission of Comprehensive Screen Development Perspective” at the 2019 Intelligent Terminal AI+ Technology Summit held in Shenzhen, and pointed out that many OLED manufacturers currently The future positioning is full flexible screen, while Hehui Optoelectronics is more pragmatic, and the future production plan will include both flexible screens and hard screens.

Hehui Optoelectronic Sun Tao: The 6th generation AMOLED display project will be trial-produced in early 2019

Sun Tao, Director of Shenzhen Optoelectronics Shenzhen Office

It is understood that Hehui Optoelectronics realized the mass production of smart phone AMOLED display panel in 2016, breaking the monopoly position of foreign panel manufacturers such as Korea. On the day of the conference, Hehui Optoelectronics won the 2018 Global Best Mobile Phone OLED Screen Supplier Award of the Year.

Hehui Optoelectronic Sun Tao: The 6th generation AMOLED display project will be trial-produced in early 2019

AMOLED market share will reach 30%

At present, the comprehensive screen has become the standard in the smart phone market. Various mobile phone brand manufacturers have launched a variety of front-facing camera solutions for comprehensive screens, including Liu Haiping, lifting cameras, sliders, punching screens and so on.

"The shape of the comprehensive screen is more diversified, and the speed of technical iteration is also accelerating." Sun Tao pointed out that the proportion of the comprehensive screen has gradually changed from 18:9 to 19.5:9, and has stabilized. "The full-screen display is a hundred flowers, but there is still no technology that can dominate the world."

Sun Tao said that the growth rate of the smartphone market has gradually slowed down this year, but the AMOLED market still maintains rapid growth.

"It is expected that the market share of AMOLED will reach 30% this year."

Full screen gives new challenges to front camera

The comprehensive screen brings the innovation of the front camera technology, but it also brings new challenges to the display design and processing.

"There are already perforated screens on the market, but I think this is still not a true full screen." Sun Tao believes that the real full screen should be that when the user needs to use proactive, the hole in front of the camera is transparent. “When the user does not use proactive, the whole screen is a complete full screen. This technology can only be implemented on OLED.” Both Samsung and Hehui Optoelectronics are currently developing this technology, and it is expected that there will be engineering at the end of next year. The sample appears.

In terms of internal bending products, Hehui Optoelectronics has realized the development of in-bend products, and the number of bendings continues to be tested and gradually improved.

In addition, with the popularity of the full screen, the fingerprint under the screen becomes a trend, and it is highly probable that the screen will be fingerprinted at the bottom of the screen in the future.

It is understood that the current AMOLED display products and products of Huiguang Optoelectronics, including smart phones, wearables, VR, car display, etc., have successfully entered the domestic first-line brand supply chain, with Huawei, Xiaomi, BBK and other first-line brand customers.

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