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Company News >> Samsung / LGD focus on OLED Optoelectronics has become an LCD giant? 20th,Feb,2017
                              AUO to the 20th anniversary of the panel industry also usher in a rare glory for many years, AUO have the opportunity to create a four consecutive years of profit results. AUO Chairman Peng Shuanglang stressed that the next 10 years AUO to get out of the same way, relying on differentiated and complete solution Value UP, opened different levels of competition. And call to investors: AUO has long-term value, it is worth long-term investment!
                       Peng Shuanglang said that the mainland crazy cover plant to the mainland to invest in a 8.5 generation plant, for example, 50% of the funds to the bank loans, 40% of the government money, the real pocket from their pocket money only 10%, and in addition to the Subsidy of government. Since the opponent is not standing at the same starting point, it is necessary to have a different play, fight production can fight, but we must try to upgrade the technology, rely on management to make money, take the value of competition.
                       Peng Shuanglang analysis, the past LCD industry investment of 1 yuan, you can create 2 yuan of revenue, and now invest 1 yuan, bringing the revenue is only 0.5 yuan, greatly reducing the investment efficiency. Excessive expansion is a problem, in fact, decided to do what is easy, what the red to do, but decided not to do anything to judge and choose. Future AUO is still a prudent approach to investing, and continues to try to capitalize on existing capacity. Now AUO revenue is the world's third largest, the future may fall to the fourth, fifth, but through the product value, profitability will improve, profit performance will remain in the previous class.
                       AUO's focus on the pursuit of products in recent years, "differentiated", "high quality" and "high value", in particular, to increase the "non-consumer bulk standard" panel product weight to strengthen profitability. AUO catch the car network, intelligent retail and other things networking opportunities, including public display, automotive, industrial, medical and other commercial panel in the proportion of more than 20% last year, this year also challenge the proportion of 30%.
                       Internet of things rising, more and more widely used in the display, but many products are small and varied, for the panel factory to break the original manufacturing concept. General idea is best to do a product in the end, if the daily line, for the yield and productivity have a great impact. But AUO operating a small variety of commercial market for many years, the production line again and again to adjust down to become a know-how, but also another advantage of AUO.
                       Peng Shuanglang example, the Friends of the card is not just a piece of panel, one by one display, and even do the system, with the software shipments, well-known cafe to the speed system, chain of fast food ordering system, ,which provided. Many people see business opportunities, but this is not just the hardware, behind from the supply chain management to the customer network is very complex, many manufacturers do not have the ability to do.
                       In addition, the observation of a few large panel factory changes, Samsung gradually withdraw from the LCD panel overweight investment in the OLED panel, LGD also distracted on the OLED, Sharp is trying to rebirth. Several panel makers have changed the strategy, so now the first-line brand to find LCD partners, the preferred is AUO, you can see the status of AUO industry has been improved.

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