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Company News >> What does the OLED look like for the Chinese market? 29th,March,2019
                                               The good news is that China will be the first to take place, whether it is mass production of various OLED products or a more cool future.

At the 2019 OLED peak event, LGD once again announced that the Guangzhou 8.5-generation OLED panel production line will be mass-produced in the third quarter of this year, which will greatly increase the production capacity of OLED panels, thereby accelerating the landing speed of OLED TVs in the Chinese market. Dong Wei, vice president of Aowei Cloud Network, expects that the global supply of OLED TV panels will increase to 3.8 million units this year. China's OLED TV sales will reach 380,000 units, and will further climb to 800,000 units in 2020.

In other words, 2019 will become the first year of China's OLED mainstreaming, and in the eyes of many optimists, the global share of China's OLED market will gradually jump from less than 10% in 2018 to 12 in 2020. %, 15% in 2021, 20% in 2022, and even grow into the world's largest OLED TV market in the future.

In my opinion, this rapid trend can be explained in many directions.

For example, from the perspective of consumers, China is not only the world's largest TV market, but also more like a microscopic portrayal of “post-modern” countries. On a global scale, Chinese consumers are more sensitive to new products, from small people to early adopters. The transition to mass consumers is smoother. Take TV technology as an example. We must know that after the emergence of 3D technology, the Chinese market will reach 35% acceptance within three years, much higher than other countries and regions; 4K TV technology has reached 64% acceptance within three years. Almost twice as high as other regions.

From the perspective of TV manufacturers, everyone knows that in the field of electronic panels, new species appear to appear in batches, but just as the natural selection of the ruthless screening of most species, the cruel market almost only makes the only choice - and the result of the choice At this moment, it has become more and more obvious: refusal to complete statistics, around the current mainstream color TV companies around the world, about 4/5 chose the OLED route, 1/8 chose the quantum dot route, 1/15 chose the laser TV route.

In my opinion, it is not difficult to find out from Haixin's transfer route to embrace OLED. In the face of huge interests, there is not much "sense of insight" from various manufacturers. A new round of revolutionary technology is almost in front of the OLED technology. The appearance of the TV makes the screen of the TV clearer and makes the future of the TV clearer.

Finally, it is easy to be overlooked that policy support is also on the side of OLED. Hao Yabin, vice president and secretary general of China Electronics Video Industry Association, revealed at the OLED summit that this year the association will develop domestic 8K OLED TV and flexible OLED display industry. Standards promote the development of OLED TV in the Chinese market.

In short, it is not difficult to find that under the impetus of various synergies, the prelude to the Chinese OLED era is slowly opening.

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